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locationOffice Spain
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90 LEDs
16 millon Colors
App bluetooth control
Sync Music
Technical details
LED Type
SMD 5050 LED
ABS, Plastic
IP65 (Waterproof)
5V USB Port
Energy Class

Various control methods

Control the LOOUMA TV LED light strips with the remote controller or the app via bluetooth. 

Lotus Lantern App

Gently move your fingertip over the colour chart on the app to choose from 16 million different colours and create the perfect lighting for every mood and every scene.

Three meters LED Strip and USB Power

The USB LED strip design is perfect for TV/PC monitors from 40 to 65 inches. It is powered by 5V USB port (e.g. power bank, computer, USB charger), plug and play. The LED TV backlight does not overheat after several hours.



Synchronize with music and timer

This LED strip has a built-in microphone that synchronizes with every sound around the USB strip light. With the timer function you can turn the LED light bar on and off at a preset time to avoid inconvenience.

Take care of your eyes

Loouma LED strip lights reduce the contrast between the brightness of the TV and the dark room, which helps to reduce and prevent eye strain and improve picture clarity. This gives you more visual enjoyment.

Strong 3M adhesive tape

The backlight has a large adhesive on the back, ensure a firm fit, just stick the light strip and insert the USB connector. (make sure the surface is clean and dry before installing). 



Building your colourful home cinema

Loouma TV backlighting increases the brightness level of the room, without the need to turn on lamps or lights, which create glare on the screen, giving your eyes a rest.

Music synchronisation

Thanks to the built-in microphone, the light can change colour, brightness and speed according to background music or ambient noise.

Timer function

With the “Lotus Lantern” Bluetooth app control, you can automatically turn on and off the LED strip at the desired time.


Bring color to your entertainment

Add vibrant coloured backlighting behind your computer screen. Immerse yourself in the game or the mood of observation.

The LED TV backlight is ideal for placing behind your TV so you can create an entertainment space. 


Smart control

With the ‘’Lotus Lantern’’ App via Bluetooth connection  you can control your smart TV LED strip. The LED strips can be easily switched on and off. The colours can be changed by simple instructions. Bring a life of smart control to you.


New and versatile way of lighting

The use of flexible wifi LED strip lights in modern lighting design, with options to modify to taste, colour, brightness; in turn easy to install. It is a new and versatile way of lighting, let’s start now to design your home with this smart LED strip light!



LED RGB TV Backlight
3 Meters
from 45' to 75' TV Screen
Sync with Music
Bluetooth App Control + Remote control
3M tape
From €16,99
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Buy now from Amazon