locationOffice Germany
Zollamtstr. 11
67663 Kaiserslautern
locationOffice Spain
Carrer de la Riera de Sant Miquel, 1 BIS,
08006 Barcelona
40 Lux / 20 Lux
200mt Luminic Distance
2600mAh Battery capacity
Battery life 6 hours (full light) / 8 hours (medium light)
Technical details
LED Specifications
Samsung Li-ion 18650
Water resistance

Safety first

The LOOUMA LED bicycle light set was developed strictly in accordance with German traffic regulations.  StVZO, CE and ROHS certified, it fulfils all conditions of the road traffic regulations to ensure sufficient safety when riding at night.

Light up your ride

The front light has two brightness levels that can be easily changed using the waterproof knob on the top of the unit. The brightness can be adjusted between 40 lux (medium) and 20 lux (low) depending on the external conditions.

Eine dreistufige LED-Anzeige zeigt den Ladezustand der Batterie an.

Waterproof protection

Waterproof protection to IPX5 (front light) and IPX4 (rear light), which means this bike light kit can be used safely in adverse conditions, even in rain or snow.

Long battery life

SAMSUNG long life 2600 mAh usb battery. It can be used all night long, up to 8 hours of battery life, while the rear light has a battery life of 5 hours. Both can be easily charged using your computer or a device with a USB port.

Blend Free Design

Just like car lights. Ride your bike without disturbing the view of passers-by or motorists.

Battery charge indicator

The red light indicates that only 20% of the charge is available. The yellow light indicates that between 20% and 50% charge is available and the green light indicates that between 50% and 1005 power is available.


Ride on rainy days

IPX5 is highly waterproof and offers full safety even on rainy days.


Multiple uses

The front LOOUMA LED light can be used as a street light at night, while hiking, mountain biking, during a camping trip or as an emergency light in the boot of your car.

The rear LOOUMA light can also be used as a light for your pet or as a rear light for your bag or backpack.


High-quality LED

Equipped with OSRAM LEDs that work with brightness modes: You can set them to 20 lux or 40 lux if necessary. Enough to illuminate a distance of about 200m.


LOOUMA Bicycle LED Light SET

Bicycle front & rear light LED set
StVZO certificate
Anti-Glare Desing
IPX5 Protection
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